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On November 21, 2012
Last modified:January 15, 2013


lovinglinks.co.uk was NOT GOOD in United Kingdom. We recommend you to refer to our top affair websites before subscribing on any cheating sites.

Lovinglinks.co.uk: Waste of Time and Money

Lovinglinks.co.uk seems to be a great affairs site, but do not be fooled. They have done a great job at packaging the site, and once you look beyond the pretty rapping and into the box; the website is a total waste of time. You are definitely wasting your money if you think about signing up for the site. There are a number of things that make the website not worth it at all, and it all begins with the admin and moderators.

LovingLinks scam reviews

Like with any other cheating website that offers free subscription for women, there are a huge number of dodgy profiles on lovinglinks.co.uk. Even when you do report this problem to the admin once you have spotted an obviously dodgy profile. You can be sure nothing will be done about it. It seems that the admin is interested in simply making the website appear to be full of women, which is obviously not the case. Most of these dodgy profiles are scam artists who thrive in such an environment. You might not be safe since nothing is being done to take down profiles that are obviously dodgy.

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We dislike LovingLinks. This is NOT a good affair website in UK. We recommend you to refer to our best affair websites before subscribing on any cheating sites.

Another problem with lovinglinks.co.uk is that they seem to encourage petty arguments. These often escalate into full-on war, with obscenities and the works. The mediators will do nothing about it as it offers free entertainment for timewasters on the site. This derails from the actual purpose of the website, which is to link up married couples for discreet affairs. The level of vulgarity and pettiness goes ahead to show the level of maturity and seriousness of the users here. If you are looking for a discreet affair with a beautiful British girl, you are better off looking for it somewhere else. Another big problem is that the free subscription for women is that it encourages a whole lot of time wasters. The women will simply look around, flirt with you for a little while and then decide that they are bored.

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