How To Set Up a Date and How To Get Her To Your Hotel Room.

How to setup a dateOnce you have navigated through the ins and outs of the cheating websites and finally found the woman for you, it is finally time to get laid. This means that you first have to set a meeting. Unless she has expressed the urge to have sex with you immediately without all the formalities, you will have to be the perfect gentleman. That is if you want to get laid.

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When chatting on text message or IM for a couple of days, you can try and gauge how responsive she is. This will guide you on whether to ask her out or not. Here are some of the signs that she is ready to go out with you.

  1. She thinks you are funny. This means that she laughs at your jokes, even the stupid ones.
  2. She tries to find out more about you.
  3. She will comment on how cute, funny or interesting you are.
  4. She has indicated that she wants to meet you in person.
  5. She often uses smiley faces when texting or chatting with you.

Once you have identified the above points as being the case, it is time to think about asking her out. Do not sound too abrupt or over eager otherwise you will just scare her off. Try and ease it into a conversation. Let it sound natural and she will surely say yes to your offer.

Dinner is a great way to meet up with your date. It is a chance for her to get comfortable with you. Most women will not jump into bed with you without first wanting to meet you at least once in person. However, you can still get laid on the first meeting.

Choose a restaurant that is casual and private. Make sure that you can easily have a conversation over the table without having to yell. Privacy is also important since you both want to be comfortable during your date.

The dinner conversation will definitely dictate whether or not you are going to get laid. You need to make sure that you sound and appear the same as you do on your cheating website profile. You definitely do not want to look like a poser in imposter. Be sure to include humor in your conversation and really get her to take a real interest in you. It is also a good idea to keep the conversation light, and avoid discussing deep personal issues or getting into heated debates.

Taking her to a bar is also a really good idea if you want to get laid. A few drinks and she will want to get you to bed right away. If you really want to get laid, a bar is your best option. Not a sports bar. This is the WORST MISTAKE that you can make. Go for a bar that has couches or sitting arrangements that allow you to be close to each other. Also maintain eye contact because women find this extremely arousing.

Asking Her Back To Your Hotel Room

There are some signs that you can look out for to help judge your chances of getting laid.

  1. She touches you all the time. Women only make physical contact if they are attracted to the man.
  2. She allows you to touch her and does not pull away when you do.
  3. She genuinely laughs at your jokes.
  4. She out rightly says that she wants to sleep with you immediately.

There is chance that she will tell you she wants to sleep with you. Once you have used the above criteria to judge how attracted she is to you, simply ask her to come up to the hotel room with you. If you have both had a good time, and you can sense a good vibe and sexual tension, then you are definitely getting laid that night.