How to Flirt and Ask For Her Phone Number or IM

How to ask her phone numberFlirting is an important part of taking part in affairs dating websites, and is almost always. What will get you laid? If you know what you are doing, you can easily get a girl into your bed in a matter of days. Flirting needs you to be playful and have a sense of humor. Women like to be made to laugh, and so you need to brush up on your sense of humor before you can go about flirting.

There are some affair strategies that you can use that will definitely get you laid. You need to master the art of flirting. It is very much like it was when you were a teenager. A little teasing, joking and light humor and you are in bed with her in no time. Here are some of those cheating strategies that you can use to make your flirting effective, and get you laid as soon as possible.

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Don’t be offensive

This is very important. As much as you want to joke around and be funny, be sure not to be offensive. Steer clear of sensitive topics such as religion, race and political affiliation. You would be surprised at how easily people are offended by jokes pointed in this direction, and yes, even on cheating websites.

You first need to get to know her a little, and try getting a feel of how much you can joke around with her.

Get her to take an interest in you immediately

This is a sure way to get you laid in no time. The details on how to write perfect first emails have been given above. By following those suggestions, she will take a liking to you immediately. She will be immediately attracted to you, and will stop looking around for other options simply because the need will no longer be there. It is a good idea to make a slight joke based on some of the information she has provided on her profile.

Laugh at Yourself

Women love a man that can laugh at themselves. Women do not want a conceited man. They want someone who is able to make jokes about their shortcomings. This will make her more comfortable around you, and get her to warm up to you. You, however, need to make sure that you do not come off as insecure. There is nothing that sends a woman running faster than an insecure man. Make sure that she understands that you are only joking. This is a strategy that can definitely work to your favor and get you the girl whom you want.

Poke Fun at Her

You will need to employ some serious tact here. The first email is not the time to make fun of her. First get a sense of what she is like, and what kinds of jokes, she is most likely to stomach. You can look through previous emails and maybe make fun of something she said. Be sure to keep it light and friendly. Do not get personal, otherwise no sex for you!

Get Her to Text/IM

One sure way to know that you are making progress is to get her off email and on to text messages and IM. You can be sure that you are going to get laid once this happens. Make sure that you subtly mention your intention so that she knows you are interested in sex with her. Avoid being graphic or too obvious about it. Even cheating women have a little of class.

A good sense of humor is, however, the easiest way to her pants. Women loves a man that can make them laugh, and will be amused by the smallest things. Flirting is definitely fun, and if done the right way, you will be sampling the goods soon after.