Setting the Mood for Your First Date

First dates are critical. It is the time when the girl gets to know you better and decides whether she still wants to see you and set another date or turn you down completely. This is one good reason why many men see to it that their first date should be flawless. For someone who wants to win another date, you need to set the perfect mood for your first date to impress the girl.

Make conversations

One mistake you have to avoid is bore your date to death. It’s a big turn off if you can’t even make a decent conversation with your woman. Talk about things you’re both passionate about such as an interesting hobby you share or the latest movies you want to see. Be cautious not to talk anything that can lead to an argument or something too heavy to talk about on the first date.

first date tips

Setting the Mood for Your First Date

Please her

Women expect their dates to please them. Compliment her on her outfit or how lovely she looks that evening. Show you interested in her by asking questions about her. Never ever talk about yourself unless she asks about you.

Be a gentleman

First impressions are lasting. You can immediately set the mood for your first date by arriving at her doorstep with flowers and a charming smile. Be the gentleman that you are by opening the door for her, assisting her when sitting down and other courteous gestures. Kisses aren’t necessary on the first date but you can give your date a quick peck on the cheek or the hand at the end of the date.

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