Dealing With Jealous Affair Partners

To be really honest, very few among us might have escaped the touches of the so-called ‘green-eyed monster’ at some or the other point in our lives and for others; this might be an enduring problem which on some occasions can become uncontrolled impacting our relationships adversely. If you too are stuck with these silly emotions making you sick, and life seems to suck now, read on, as this edition is solely meant for you folks.

Jealousy is quite a normal phenomenon experienced by all of us at some or the other point in any close relationships, especially in love affairs. When love affairs are new, and the couples are in the knowing phase, learning to love and trust each other, this emotion can stand as a hurdle. In most of the cases, the feelings of jealousy fades off gradually once the relationship stabilizes, but again in few minor cases, this remains as a big black cloud darkening the relationships. These feelings of jealousy are experienced in some cases by both the partners and some time by one. This can be really distressing.

So if you or your partner is a victim of this green-eyed monster and feel disgusted even looking at each other’s face, or disturbed when some or the other looks at your lover, then its high time to cure it, else this monster might grow in shape and plague your relationship.

Jealousy can never be categorized as cute and having a jealous partner is not at all cute. If you are here looking for ways and means to deal with jealousy in your love affair, then you have come to the right place folks. What exactly can be done to stop this madness that is developing in either of your heads and how can you enjoy a calm and loving relationship? The answers to this and many more are right here. So continue reading.

jealous affair partner

Jealousy can never be categorized as cute and having a jealous partner is not at all cute.

To start with, you need to realize that there is something wrong going on and try to take control of the situation. Denying that nothing is wrong is not the solution. Most importantly, never take the feelings of jealousy of your partner as a compliment to you. The siren indicates something else folks. So be prepared.

Next, if the problem persists and takes a real toll on your lives, then think whether you really want to continue with the same relationship or not. If you are really in love and cannot live without your lover, then give time to your partner as this would take time to heal. Feelings of jealousy cannot be healed in a day’s time. The most essential aspect there is to talk with each other on the issue concerned, as communication helps a lot. Speak to him or her on how you feel when you are subjected to the feelings of distrust.

While you speak with the person you would get an idea on the chances of the problem getting fixed. If you find that your partner is adamant, then it is time to say good-bye, as there is no point wasting each other’s time and emotions. Dealing with the feelings of jealousy can be really tough and ugly, but it is essential that you speak and bring a solution to the same. Try to speak on what are the fears your partner has which makes him or her jealous. Try to find out the root cause of this fear. Is it due to some past relationships which you or your partner has had or some worry, which is developing in his or her heart? Try to learn what on going on in the other person’s mind.

Take your fullest efforts in healing and helping your partner come out of these feelings by giving your support wholeheartedly. Try to be available as much as possible when the other needs your presence. Though it may seem monotonous, but it is essential that you keep speaking about the feelings you have for your partner and how committed and serious you are about the relation. If the problem increases beyond bounds, then try to go for a psychotherapy or counseling. The benefits of counseling are immense.

dealing with jealousy

Most importantly, never take the feelings of jealousy of your partner as a compliment to you.

Most importantly, if your partner is someone who is really curious and jealous on every small thing, try avoiding setting any surprise gifts or parties. Hiding the tinniest of things might create the biggest of problems.

If you have tried all but with no success, then it is time that you call it off. If you still want to give it a last try, keep a timeline for yourself and see if things and situations improve. If the results are negative, it’s time that you move on with life. Maybe destiny holds someone else for you.

While speaking of this, I’m reminded of a beautiful saying which quotes that a true lover would always be there with you, even if you let them go, they would return looking for you, and if they don’t, then they really never loved you. Hence, all you love hearts, if you are reading this dejected and depressed by the suspicious eyes of your partner, then give him or her time. Know their fears and let them open their heart before you. Care and caress them with your utmost love and make them feel that you care for him or her and that the relationship means a lot to you. On the other hand, if you yourself as stuck with these green feelings for your partner then let me be frank with you folks that love means trust. Trust never means blind faith, but a necessary level of trust which needs to be there as a sign of respect for the relationship you share with each other.

Thus, being involved with individuals who are too jealous can be really tough. Having an apprehensive partner can be disturbing, exasperating and at sometimes even maddening. Hence, if you really want to spend your life with an insecure partner, it is necessary that you follow the tips which have been mentioned above.

God bless you.

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